It’s exciting times for anyone living in Croydon at the moment - or anyone planning to move there in the near future - as it’s just been announced that it will be London Borough of Culture in 2023, with a new programme of events in hand intended to showcase Croydon to the world.

The This is Croydon programme will see all sorts of major events put on, including those featuring international headliners, as well as emerging homegrown acts and lots of local community cultural activities.

People are being put at the very heart of plans, with the aim being to reach 250,000 people and involve every school in the borough, as well as 1,500 artists and the massive network of residents from every corner of Croydon.

An impressive £1.3 million in funding has been provided by the Mayor of London and it looks as though the programme of events will do wonders for the local economy and help bring local communities together.

Artists and grassroots cultural organisations keen to take part can now apply for Ignite Fund grants of up to £50,000 to bring their visions to life. And there are 15 local delivery partners involved, including three culture hubs, so as to ensure that the event is truly community led and that all residents of all ages are able to be involved.

The London Borough of Culture award itself is designed to bring Londoners together, putting cultures at the heart of local communities and showcasing the character and diversity of the capital’s various boroughs. Launched in 2017, there have been two rounds of the award thus far, with Waltham Forest and Brent both having been honoured in this way, as well.

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